Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Little Baby Animal

Who doesn't love pictures of a Little Baby Animal?

Cute puppies, sweet little kittens, even baby cows are adorable.

All Little Baby Animals are so cute and cuddly RIGHT? Go check out the picture of the newest members of our animal family at Cats and Dogs Turtles and Frogs and decide for yourself.

Ok enough with the shameful promotion of my other blog I don't do that often but its new and it's quiet an interesting picture (at least I thing so LOL).

There is still time to enter the Crazy Green Contest it doesn't end until Friday all you have to do is click the Button over there on the Right and post a question in the comments section. That's it you'll be entered and right now you have a really good shot of winning I'm giving away 11 prizes and have only had 3 entries. Thanks Ladies for entering.


Michelle said...

Love baby animals. The top picture looks like my two Golden Retrievers. They were so cute when they were puppies. Thanks for sharing.

April said...

Hi Michelle did you click the link and go see the other picture? Just click on the words Cats and Dogs Turtles and Frogs.

melanie said...

I love baby animals!! They are all soooo cute! I'll have to check out that new blog.

Michelle said...

I know that I commented on this post, but I just wanted to leave you a quick note to stop by my place. I have something there for you. Happy Friday!