Friday, January 16, 2009

The Crazy Green Contest 2nd Question

Ok before I answer my second question, I want to point out the little button over on the Right It looks like this: It's a direct link back to the contest post if you want to enter. So far I only have 2 entries.

My second question entry is from Jami from Confessions Of a Stay At Home Mom. Click the link and show her some love. I hope she like the button I made for her :D

1. We have a small recycle center at our dump. And they only accept cardboard, aluminum cans and newspapers. The closest one to accept anything else is 30 min away. So my question is, "How can I better store my tin cans, plastics, and magazines until I take them off?" (We don't own a truck to be able to haul away large trash cans or tubs.) Congrats on your new 12th follower!!!

Thanks for the Congrats Jami. I don't know the size of your car so It will be hard to give exact advice but there are several different types of storage containers out there. If you take a measurement of your trunk you can figure just how big you can get. Then when you're ready to take your trip to the recycling center you just have to grab the bins and go.
You might also talk to the small recycling center to see if they can expand what they take. If there is enough interest from the locals then they may consider it a worthwhile expense.
Remember to wash out your cans and plastic items so while you are waiting you don't attract insects or rodents. If you can squash them flat. This is mostly for the plastic items since squashing a tin can isn't that easy.
As for the Magazines instead of taking them to the recycling center take them to your doctors or dentists office (we all know how old those magazines are ) or any other place that has a waiting room where new reading material would be appreciated (mechanics, barber or beauty shops). This way the magazines can be read over and over again.

I hope this was helpful.

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