Sunday, January 18, 2009

Question 3 of the Crazy Green Contest

Comes from Mom's Mind at Thrifty Thumpers...Who is also running a contest right now so stop on by and enter her's too.

What part of living green do you feel has been the most challenging to become accustomed to?

This was a little harder to answer because there are several things that are challenging.

For Example we move every few years because of my Hubbies Job. So every couple of years I have a new house to figure out how to make green as possible and if we are renting I have to figure out how to make it as green as possible without altering the house in any way. Renting is a royal pain when it comes to being green.

Another challenge is my green wish list far exceeds my cash flow. There are things I would like to do but can't afford (and since I'm renting can't do right now anyway). I would love to put in solar panels. I think it is something they need to do more research on and improve to make it more affordable for the masses.

The hardest thing for me personally is packing my kids school lunches. Not just making sure they have a variety of good food to eat (my son is super picky) but when they go to school with their home made goodies they see what their friends are eating and come home with "Why can we have this and that?" "My friends get to eat (insert junk food here)." I know I'm teaching them to eat healthier then a lot of their peers but I worry about making them feel alienated from their friends.


Barry said...

Balancing health with the social needs of your kids is a tough one.

There are benefits to moving so often though. We moved 7 times in the first ten years of our marriage and 4 times in the next decade. That realy helped us keep our accumulation of "stuff" down. For the last 17 years we've been sitting targets and stuff just accumulated around us.

Our project for this summer is to get rid of as much of it as possible. And by that I mean recycle, not pitch.

April said...

Yes it definatly affords us the chance to get rid of stuff. Though I wish my hubby would give up a little more ;) LOL. It is definately one of those pros and con moments with the kids though. They get to see alot of things that their peers will probable never see. At the same time its much harder to make and keep friends as each year passes. When they get to places were the other kids have know each other since Kindergarten it makes it harder on them.

Sherrie said...

I tagged you for a meme...hope you do it! LOL!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I'm so happy to find your blog!
Am totally there with you on the lunch thing--I've decided to allow the occasional Lunchable (against MY will) for the same reason I allow the occasional run to Dairy Queen--it's a treat. My occasional allowance has helped the kvetching on my son's end which I'm thankful for. And he's more willing to eat the other lunches.

April said...

Hi Green Girl
Glad to know I'm not alone. I try and make it as tasty as possible I have about 5 diffferent kinds of mini muffins frozen in snack bags in the freezer and I make homemade pudding and on occasion I get the Natural Cheetos (you know the ones that don't leave the orange goo on your fingers :P )