Wednesday, September 24, 2008

E-Waste Facts

I was reading this in the Long Island New Paper. They are some interesting facts I though was worth Sharing. There wasn't an author listed so I can't give them credit.

E-waste consists of: cell phones, stereos, copy machines, electronic typewriters, pagers, printers, laptops, keyboards, computer CPU’s, “Gameboys” and other electronic toys, PDA’s, mice, monitors, scanners, televisions, fax machines, calculators, DVD players, VCR’s, fax machines, cordless phones, answering machines, radios and all electronic peripherals.

  1. Approximately 220 million tons of E-Waste is generated annually in the U.S.

  2. The average life span of a computer today is two years.

  3. Consumers have, on average, two or three obsolete computers in their garages, closets or storage spaces

  4. According to the EPA, the volume of E-Waste is rising 3-5 percent each year - almost three times faster than the municipal waste stream.

  5. The average computer monitor or TV may contain up to 7lbs. of lead, as well as cadmium, mercury and chromium in its circuit boards.

  6. Recycling these products removes these toxins from our municipal waste stream.

Now what can you do about it. I was going to list a whole bunch of great resources that you can use to reuse and recycle this material but as I was surfing the web on this topic I found this great resource by the EPA with loads of resources already to go. So instead I'm going to give you a quick link right here:
A New Opportunity for
Waste Prevention, Reuse,
and Recycling

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This is definately something to think about. Thanks for the information.