Saturday, September 27, 2008

Getting a handle on your clutter

Ok I don't make spending recommendations often but I am going to make a book recommendation.

The book is called It's All Too Much: An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff by Peter Walsh.

Where most clutter gurus try to take all your stuff and stuff it into tons of storage solutions (think spending lots and lots of money and just ending up filling the space with more clutter). Peter Walsh focuses on helping you get rid of the unnecessary things cluttering up your life and helping you live the life you want to live. I've been taking it at my own speed and been getting rid of stuff I've holding on to because I spent money on the or I was going to wear again eventually. But I'm not going to wear them or reread all those books (I should have gotten them from the library LOL).

This is a great book to read for those trying to get the clutter out of their life.
Now my first suggestion is to head on over to your local library and see if they have it. If they don't ask your librarian to order it. If you don't want to wait, go ahead and buy it, the money you save on not buying a half a ton storage containers will be worth it.


Anonymous said...

Yes maam that is a very good book, I own it. Of course clutter can be very expensive so as a recovering spend addict, I am trying to reduce mine.

Julie said...

We are trying to reduce clutter too. I've been selling things on eBay and Craigslist to make a few bucks and clean out the house at the same time. By the way, thank you for visiting my blog and for the delicious sounding recipe. Is there anything I can substitute for the rice cereal though - my child is allergic to rice?