Friday, September 12, 2008

Why Buy When You Can Create

When you can't find what you need sometimes you have to get creative. If you use your imagination sometimes you can create what you need instead of going out and buying something new. Now I know these probably aren't the best pictures but I hope you'll find them a good example.

I was making mashed potatoes the other day and I couldn't find my veggie scrubber. I don't think its been unpacked yet. Well lucky for me I had been grocery shopping and had some onions. Now its not the onions I used to clean the potatoes. I'm not THAT crazy! But after dumping the onions into the basket I keep in the pantry I had the bag the onions came in left. I simply tied two of the side together to make a circle.

Then I slipped it over my hand and like a loofa scrubbed those potatoes clean. It worked wonderfully.

I got nice dirt free potatoes and didn't have to spent any extra money.

Now........................which box is that veggie scrubber in...............................


Mom/Mum said...

Hello. Thanks for stopping by my blog and adding it to you blog roll. Your blogs are a great read too!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! Thanks for the tip.