Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Alternative Source of Energy........POO POWER

Has anyone seen the news article on CNN?

The city of SAN ANTONIO, Texas plans to turn the city sewage into energy for the city. They are going to capture the methane gas give off during the treatment of 140,000 tons of biosolids (think POOP) and turn it into electricity for the city. According to the report the city creates enough methane to fill seven commercial blimps or 1,250 tanker trucks each day.

HOW great is that talk about a renewable natural resource. Just think about how much power we could generate if they did that in New York City (or even using the hot air in Washington D.C. hee hee).


Trooper Thorn said...

Don't forget Hollywood as a sounce of sewage related power.

April said...

Very true Lots of poo coming out of Hollywood Lately LOL

Anonymous said...

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