Monday, September 22, 2008

Walk Your Kids To School

Hey moms and dads................

Would you like to save money, get in shape, spend time with your kids and make your neighborhood safer???

The Answer is a lot easier then you might think. Walk your kids to school. Now I know this can not be done by everyone. But if you are a stay at home parent a work at home parent or if your schedule allows and you are within a mile of school ............................Then leave the car at home and walk.

If you are not driving your car then you are saving money and helping the environment. A pair of good walking shoes is a lot cheaper then the gallons of gas you waste every month driving such a short distance. (not to mention the idle time when many drivers sit and wait for school to open or get out with their cars running) . Not to mention setting a great example for your kids

Getting in shape well what can I actually say about this that isn't obvious. Yes if you spend more time walking you will be healthier. You will also save money and help the environment here as well. If you need smaller size clothes they are usually cheaper and since they use less materials then you consume less resources making them. You will also spend less time at the doctors because your healthier body will be able to fight off sickness better.

Spend time with your children. This is the most important thing I can think of but with our fast paced society we spend less and less time with our most valuable treasure. Walking with your kids gives your time to focus on them and pay attention to things they have to say and talk to things that you never seem to have time to discuss. You see things together you will not see when driving. When we lived in Tucson my children and I would count the lizards we saw sunning themselves in the morning. The highest we got was 27. Look for birds, spiders, lizards, frogs, squirrels and talk to your kids about the roll they play in your home ecosystem or maybe just how cute they are.

Last but not least it makes your whole neighborhood safer. Two legged preditors don't like to be seen they look for children alone that they can quickly snatch up. Your presence will help keep these creeps from pouncing because they don't want you to see them. It protects not just your children but every walking child out there. The more parents we get out with their kids it will make impossible for these nasty evil people to grab anyones child again.

So how many of you walk?? I walk every day in every weather execpt thunder storms.

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Crystal Peace said...

While I can't walk to school with the kids anymore (we live 3 miles from the school), I do park about 3 blocks from school and walk from there. :) It's nice to have a little time before school to start their day off right.

Walk to School day is Oct 7, here where I live. Looking forward to it! :)

~Crystal Peace