Friday, September 19, 2008

Alternative Source of Energy Continued

I guess I should talk about why I think it is a good idea to create energy out of poo.

Well for one thing it's just seems like a smart thing to do with such a possible pollutant. Taking something that is considered waste and turning it into something useful is part of what being green is about.

What really concerns me though is some of the other ways they want to try and create energy. Keep in mind I'm not a scientist so I don't have all the information but some of the things I've seen suggested and some are even in use now make me worry about whether or not we are once again being short sited. There are two methods in particular that make me worry the most. Those are Geothermal and Gulf Stream Turbines.

Geothermal is basically using the earths natural internal heat to turn water into steam which then runs a steam turbine. Now I don't believe this will cause an immediate problem but what about the future? If we start pumping water into the Earth to heat it the natural reaction is that the earth becomes cooler. So isn't it possible that we could do irreparable damage to the earth by cooling it down? Can the Earth get hypothermia?

The second is the Gulf Stream Turbines. The idea is to stick turbines into the is a powerful, warm, and swift river of sea water that starts in the Gulf of Mexico, passes through the Strait of Florida, and flows along the eastern coastlines of the U.S. and Newfoundland then heads across the Atlantic Ocean. The Gulf Stream is part of the Earths Natural Heating and Cooling system along with other ocean currents and the jet stream and to start blocking off part of that system doesn't seem like a good plan. To me this seems like walking up to a healthy person and shoving a clot into his blood stream. If you block of part of it is screws up all the rest.

Maybe it's just me.... What do you think?

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Mom said...

I agree. I think solar energy is a wonderful alternative, but that doesn't really damage anything.

I think taking our garbage and wastes and turning that into energy is an awesome idea.