Wednesday, October 28, 2009

View From Under The Umbrella.

Here we are on the way to school. Yes we are walking in the rain. It's not too bad today the wind picked up a couple of times and tugged at the umbrellas. Sorry these aren't the best shots since I took them with my cell phone. The thing I lace best about a rainy day in the Fall is how the changing leaves make a dreary day still seem bright.
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Barry said...

A view from under an umbrella has been my view of the world for much of this Fall.

I would appreciate getting out from under the umbrella for a little while before I have to start shoveling snow.

Micah said...

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April said...

HI Barry Thanks for stopping by I agree I could use a little more sun and a little less rain. I hope to open up the house to the fresh air one more time before it snows :D

April said...

Hi Micah Thanks for stopping by Your blogs definitely sound like something I would like to read. So maybe I'll have better luck next year on my container garden :D