Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Next Step

Well I've taken the next green step for our. House. I've started walking to work. Of course this will be a weather permitting endevor. I can' up to work drenched from head to toe lol. Here is a couple of pictures I took along the way. All in all it's a pretty nice walk.
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smartchic said...

walking to and from work is great way to save money on gas and lessen pollution in the air. you get to take nice pictures along the way as well. :)

nice blog, by the way :)

Mom said...

When we move to Denver we are going to try to find an apartment close enough for my husband to walk to work.

And close enough to parks for me to walk with the kids to play...

Lucy said...

Pretty walk. I have been walking the kids to school everyday and I love it. It forces me to slow down and remember that there is an earth outside my home.

Barry said...

Oh heck, I can beat that. I no longer work.

Of course, now I have time to walk to the local store. But I'm still driving as if time were still precious. Maybe I need to re think this.