Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ok so I messed up

The problem with having more then one blog is sometimes you forget things. I promised to post the pumpkin recipes on my gardening blog and I posted here instead. Silly ME
So I"m going to repost the steps for getting the pumpkin ready over there and the rest of the recipes will be posted there. (I have to have something to post on a gardening blog over the winter LOL)
Halloween is coming though so how about a few cheap holiday crafts to frighten up your home.
Go for a grave yard:
To make some tombstones just take several piece of heavy cardboard or Styrofoam and cut into tombstone shapes. Paint them gray and write scary or funny epitaphs on them.
add some
Spider Webs
Using yarn threaded through out your trees and bushes then add some spooky spiders by paint an old ball black add some spooky eyes and black yarn, pipe cleaner or construction paper for legs.
Spooky sheet ghost Take an old rubber ball and place a sheet around it then tie the sheet under the ball to hold it in. Use fishing line to make it invisible or if its a boy ghost try one of dads old ties. Then using the fishing line hang your ghost from a trees and add a couple more lines to hold the sides out like arms.
Then add a few carved jack-o-lanterns and your all set.

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