Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yes It's as cold as it looks

I'm sitting out here watching my daugher and her team play soccer. As you can see they are in shorts and tank tops and the weather is miserable. Here I sit freezing typing at half time while my poor son plays with his transformers. And complaining that he is cold then complaining that he is hungery. I really wish they had called on account of the weather. All I can think is that if I am this cold then those poor girls must be frozen through!
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Barry said...

Where are their brains. We just had a young boy in Toronto die after playing hockey with a mild H1N1 fever. We have to start treating sport for what it is, a game.

Alicia said...

Poor kids. My 10 year old plays football and they have to play rain or shine. I feel bad for them but i never want him to miss a game since he practices so hard.

Alice Audrey said...

How miserable. Makes you wonder if it's really worth it.