Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The last couple days have been fun I have a God awful cold and realized I didn’t have my medicine cabinet stocked for the cold season. I certainly don’t have enough tissues around between my cold and my husbands allergies we went through a lot of tissues. we did however manage to get to the Renaissance fair on Sunday which was good was the last day. I love going to the Renaissance fair to all kinds of interesting things. What I really love the people powered ride how cool is that about green for the planet.

Of course all the junk food and the jousting, sword fights and the people in costumes and some people really go crazy dressing up going from being a Renaissance faire to Dungeons & Dragons faire. it’s all a great deal of fun and I have a few really good pictures to share with you it’s from the bird of prey show they have there. I hope you enjoy them you think the next couple of days and post a few of my home remedies that I use since the cold and flu season is upon us. They help with the symptoms but won’t make the cold go away that is just something you have to live through until you get better and hope it will make you stronger against the next cold.

Billy paying the toll to cross the bridge. 1 Hug

The Queen and her Subjects

One of Robin Hoods Merry Men


Harris Hawk

Eurasian Eagle Owl

Eurasian Eagle Owl in Flight

Horned Owl

Andean Condor

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