Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Environmental Contradiction At The Bronx Zoo

I love the Bronx Zoo..... Of course I love any zoo that is well designed and has naturalist habitats for the animals.

The Bronx Zoo is doing wonders for the animals there. Teaching people about endangered ecosystems and the animals that live there. They even have a pretty cool working composting toilet exhibit

With displays that tell users how the water from the sinks are reused to water the plants outside and how the foam used to flush the toilet uses less water then a normal flushing toilet.

What they don't have is water fountains..... or at least very very few of them. I think I saw two and one of them was broken. Instead feel free to purchase a nice over priced bottle of water

$2.50 for that little thing. The bain of the environmentalist existence and a penny pincher's nightmare, and what happens when you are done with it? Recycle it right.......Wrong! You throw it away because there isn't a single recycling bin in the entire place. You cant even refill it from a water fountain..... as I said there are none to be found.

I really need to remember to bring my own water when we go places because it makes me so mad when these public places have no place to get a drink unless you shell out a small fortune for it. Unfortunately a easy to carry water bottle will only take you so far on a hot day with no place to refill it.

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