Friday, September 4, 2009

Green Renovate Friday

Man what a week! You may have noticed I didn't get on to post much this week. It's been a little more CRAZY then usual.

Three people got fired this week and one person quit over at my job. So I've been working more hours and covering for the lost people. Then add the daily trips to summer camp so I can keep my job and throw in the fact its the week before school and you get the picture.
But I didn't want to forget Renovate Friday so here I am up early so I have time to post.

I lived in Arizona a few years ago, down in Tucson. It's really beautiful there especially when the thunderstorms roll across the desert. What I found appalling was how much they were building up there, how many people actually had grass lawns and how many businesses had water fountains to decorate their building. It's a DESERT people you can't keep draining the water from the ground unless you want it to become a dry sinkhole instead of a town!

Sorry got off on a tangent there...... anyway it's time to think Xeriscape Landscaping. This means using plants that normally thrive in your environment to landscape your yard. Even in a desert like Tucson there are many great choices you can use. The benefits include less water and chemical uses. Since the plants are already native to the area they are use to the amount of water the area gets and the composition of the soil. You can also providing for the local wildlife by native plants as food sources and shelters.

Now something good about water use that I saw in Tucson: Grey Water Systems. If you are living in a drought prone area and want to save your landscape without wasting water then you need to install a Grey Water System. These allow you to reuse water from the sink, shower and washing machine to water your landscape. It's a win-win situation! Your plants get the water they so desperately need and you save water, money and the environment.

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