Thursday, July 9, 2009

Slow Summer

Hi all long time no see. I hope everyone had a happy 4Th of July. I've got some pictures to share. Sorry it's been a while between posts but my hubby has a couple Months off in the summer and is working on his Masters Degree so he has all the computer time. He had to head out to work today so I'm taking the opportunity to update my blogs and see what's going on in Blog Land.

For the Fourth of July we decided to do something a little different since we didn't know where to go to watch fire works. There are some fishing boats that offer Fourth of July Tours then go watch the fire works off Jones Beach. It was a really fun way to spend the Fourth of July. The scenery was beautiful.

and before the main show at Jones Beach we could see at least a hundred different shows going on across the bay. These are the best pictures but you get the idea. Its hard taking pictures of fireworks in the distance on a boat bobbing in the water LOL.

Here are a couple of pretty good shots of a some of the Jones Beach fire works. Not as many as I have mine you but a few.

Then of course we had a long boat ride back the kids fell asleep as soon as they buckled their seat belts. Definitely a successful day. I hope everyone else's was just as pleasant

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