Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I had to do some research on broccoli. My plants started sprouting flowers before I could pick them. They were still pretty small so I thought I had more time until harvesting them.

I thought since it had flowered I wasn't going to get any edible broccoli from it. But I am happy to announce that after hitting the library I learned that once I cut off the central bunch more will grow. This will give me plenty of tasty broccoli. I just have to watch out and harvest them before they bloom.
I also learned that I probably have them planted a little too close. I have four plants in my container and the books I looked at said they should be about 18 inches apart. But other then a little insect activity they all appear to be healthy plants. Now I just have to see about keeping the bugs away.


Kim said...

Have you tasted your broccoli yet? I tried planting it a few years ago but rabbits kept eatting it so I never got to taste it.


Kristine said...

I just found your blog. I'm in an apartment for the next few years, and had no clue where to start with container gardening, but was interested so I'll be taking notes. I found you on CafeMom blogaholics. I just joined the group.

April said...

Hi Kim

No I didn't get to taste them yet the first batch all went to seed and now I"m waiting for more to grow now that I cut the first head off.

April said...

Hi Kristine Thanks for stopping by. A couple of good starter plant (In my opinion) are tomatoes and peppers. They are pretty easy to grow and one plant will give you plenty of veggies. I'll swing by your blog soon and say hello. See ya at cafe mom :D