Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Window Full of Future Vegetables

Several of my seedlings have really taken off.

Some not so well. I put these outside on the patio table and in the evening they were dead. It looked like something had sucked the stems dry.

Got Snails. Try a all natural remedy Straight from Mother Nature herself. Make your back yard a habitat for song birds and they will take care of the snails for you. Want proof? I got this shot while I was at my computer the other day. Sorry it looks so grainy the window needs cleaned.

Male Cardinal eating a snail.


Callum said...

Hi there,

I've found that putting small seedlings out can often lead to disaster! I tend to wait until plants are a bit more robust before submitting them to the elements!

April said...

Thanks Callum :D I wish I had known sooner ;)