Sunday, May 3, 2009

Walking To Save the Envrionment

The Kids and I are heading out to the Library today. We could drive but we are not! We are Walking and it will be about 4 miles round trip.

When I was a kid my friend and I walked everywhere. In the summer we would walk to the local swimming pool, spend the day swimming and then walk home. I don't know the total distance but I would guess it was several miles round trip. We would also walk to Sweitzer Lake to go swimming which was even further.

Now a days parents drive their kids everywhere. I've seen parents pack their kids into big SUV's and drive their kids a block to school. It's mind boggling to think that all across the nation there are people do the same thing. How much pollution is being pumped into the atmosphere for a simple block or two to school?

If people were to allow a little more time in their day to walk the short distances it would benefit everyone. Less pollution enters the environment, less gas and money is wasted, and the more adults walking the streets the safer they become, because the nastys of the world prefer to work out of sight. Not to mention the health benefits associated with using your feet instead of your wheels. In every exercise magazine you see when the talk about walking they say leave your car in the furthest parking space and walk the extra distance.... What if you just left the car at home and walked the full distance? Think of the extra pounds you could lose. Don't have extra pounds to lose..... Then think of how much you will improve your cardiovascular health.

Need another reason to get out there and hoof it? Well as I was exploring blogs today I visited Jenn at My Kids Are My World and she was writing about BeeWell Miles . Bumble Bee Foods is Donating $ .15 for every mile walked to Breast Cancer Research. So what are you waiting for get your shoes on and take a walk.


Nightowl Mama said...

wow thats awesome we try to get out and walk as much as we can.

April said...

It's great isn't it Nightowl Mama. I don't think people realize how much they miss just zooming by in there cars ;D

Pete said...

I totally agree with you, the amount of parents giving kids rides to school in the morning and then to their activities in the afternoon is ridiculous. There is a major drop in the amount of traffic once it is summertime.

I never took the bus, I always walked, it was a good way to be alone with your thoughts and I still do it today.

April said...

Hi Pete

I have had the kids ride the bus. Sometimes the school is just to far away to walk. But at least when parents use the Bus it takes that many cars off the road.

One bus is better then 20 or 30 cars. But walking is definately the best :D