Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Hazard of Walking Your Kid to School

Once again I head out in the morning and take my kids to school. It's a nice morning for it... the rain has stopped (at least temporarily), the birds are out singing and it's not too hot and not too cold.

I get to the school no problem (thank goodness). As I'm heading home having a lovely chat with my friend K we stop and wait for the light.

The light changes and we head out to cross the street and this Rather large SUV tries to mow us down making a left turn. She must have been in an awful hurry ...........Oh No Wait she was just yakking on her cell phone and wasn't watching.

She didn't even bother to roll down her window to apologize she just mouthed I'm sorry through the window as if that makes it all better.


TheSnackHound said...

It is far better to mouth "I'm sorry" than give someone the Boston Salute. I will give you a hint, you can do that with one finger.

April said...

LOL True but far better still to hang up the Phone and pay attention to where you are driving ;D

Barry said...

Wow, scary stuff. Cell phones and cars just don't mix. I saw an accident a few years ago where a woman talking on a cell ran a red light and hit the car ahead of me. It was only a fender bender but the first things the woman with the cell did was toss the phone into the back seat.

April said...

It was very scary Barry she was just a few inches from my leg when she stopped.

They say talking on the cell phone is as big a disabilty to drivers as Drinking too much.