Wednesday, February 13, 2008

10 Ways to Reuse and Recycle

There are so many ways to reuse so many different items I could probably spend all day writing about them. But lets face it who wants to sit and read extremely longs lists of stuff not to mention how much of it are you going to remember and use. Well I decided to post smaller lists that are quick to read. You can select the ones you want to try. Sound Good? Great here is my first list:

  1. Sandwich bags can be washed out and reused several times before you have to throw them away. I try to select good quality ones so they last longer. They may be slightly more expensive but they pay for themselves in reuse.

  2. Pantyhose can be reused in several ways: make into a nonscratch scrubber by tying into a ball. They are gentle enough to tie tomato plants to their support stakes. Uses pieces to make a Sachet for drawers just fill with dried flowers or ceder chips (to repel moths) then hot glue or tie shut. My husband uses an old pair to buff his shoes with.

  3. Old Cotton clothes that you know longer wear can be used for dusting or in the garage for clean up.

  4. Plastic milk containers can be use to make funnels, bird feeders (cut a hole in the side, fill with seed and hang from handle) a container for your toilet brush (cut half of it off leaving the handle on for easy carrying)

  5. Wire Hangers: (check to see if your drycleaner can reuse them some offer a discount for returning hangers) They can be used to make Giant bubbles (bend into a circle and straighten hook for handle dip in bubble solution and wave.) Hot dog and marshmallow roaster. Uses as a frame for Wreaths just bend into desired shape and decorate.

  6. Newspapers: Shred the colored ads and use to fill easter baskets instead of plastic grass. Use the Comics and wrap presents, Use them to get streak free windows and mirrors instead of paper towels. If you want fruit to ripen quickly, wrap it in newspaper. Check back after it has been wrapped for a day. If plastic food canisters are retaining odors, place wadded newspaper in the canister and seal. The newspaper will absorb the odors.

  7. Baby Food Jars. My Husband uses these in his workroom he fastens the lids under one of the shelves fills the jar with whatever screw or nail he wants the screws it onto the lid. It provides out of the way storage space. Make your own snow globes. Unscrew the top (which becomes the bottom and glue to it any seasonal item (little pumpkins for fall, little flag for 4th of July, etc). Add some glitter and then fill with water. Close it tightly and flip over so the top becomes the base. You can even hot glue it closed to ensure no leaking. Trim the bottom with ribbons or lace if desired. Makes a great kid's craft for friends, teachers, and grandparents!!! Use them as spice jars by fastening the lids under the cupboard and use the same way as my hubby did in his workroom.

  8. Old Yellow Pages (a friend gave me this one for my art happy daughter) Use for a gluing or painting surface when dirty just tear off the top page for a clean surface.

  9. Paper Bags open up and use to cool cookies on. use as a place mat for kids (they can color on them while they wait) I open them up and use them in the garden under the mulch to keep weeds at bay. Let you kids make masks or giant puppets out of them.

  10. Plastic Bags store shoes in them to keep dust off between uses, when packing for a trip take some alone to use them to seperate dirty stuff from clean stuff or store items that might leak in them, protect small outdoor plants from frost by placing the bag over the plant and tie at the bottom then remove in the morning. Use them for cushioning when packing for a move or sending a present.


Mandy said...

Oh this is a fantastic site!! I always want to try to be a little "greener" and you have some wonderful tips on here. Thanks!

April said...

Hi Mandy Thanks for the great comment :) I'm glad I could be helpful :)