Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tip 6 On How To Winterize A House

Baby it's getting COLD outside and its time to clean up you summer supplies and get the winter ones ready for service.

Service Weather-Specific Equipment and Store your Summer Fun

1.  Drain gas from lawnmowers, trimmers and other gas powered summer maintenance equipement.
2.  Clean, dry and store summer gardening equipment.  Store and cover your grill and patio furniture to keep them safe from the winter weather
3.  Replace worn rakes and snow shovels. 
4.  Service or tune-up snow blowers. Of course for us this means lots of Hot chocolate for warming up after digging out but for those of you who have them make sure they are working before the storms hit.5.  Sharpen ice choppers and buy bags of ice-melt / sand.  If you have pets use the sand or pet specific salts to help keep their paws safe.

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