Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rather Expensive Recycling

I like the TerraCycle company their use of old soda bottles and such to sell their worm tea is a great was to recycle plastic bottles without having to shred them up and melt them into little plastic pellets to become something new.

But this idea is a little off the mark and I'll tell ya why I think so. They are recycling old yogurt containers into little herb gardens for kids. While that may sound nice its rather expensive for what you get. I saw these at Walmart for $2.50

What you get is three old yogurt containers filled with dirt and a few seeds added. Why would you PAY $2.50 for that? You can easily just save your own containers fill them with dirt and lets your kids pick their own seeds which you can get as low as $ .99 for about 50 seeds. Use a few seeds in each container and save the rest in an air tight container to use again next year at no extra cost! I showed a picture of my seedlings growing believe it or not in the exact same containers and I'm reusing them this year to grow more seeds.

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Susan said...

I save butter containers and plant seeds in them and grow tomato and green pepper plants along with marigolds and petunia plants in my greenhouse.