Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy 2nd Annual Save the Frogs Day

I just read this morning that today is Save the Frogs Day. I didn't know if I should post this Here since its environmental or on Cats and Dogs Turtles and Frogs, since it's about Frogs... so I'm compromising and posting it on both.
Frogs are one of the best indicators of whether or not an environment is healthy since they are the first affected by changes. If there are no frogs then you know something is wrong!

According to the ENN (Environmental News Network) There will be activities in 15 counties around the world. Including protests against restaurants that sell frogs legs. Apparently over 100 million wild frogs are captured and killed for their legs. YUCK!

Another thing they are trying to bring to light is the use of the herbicide Atrazine. which is linked to the chemical castration of male frogs. If you want to read the whole story check out ENN.


Barry said...

Frogs are beautiful and helpful creatures well deserving of a day to remind us of the fragility of their existence.

April said...

I agree Barry there are so many different colors and varieties and I think this would will be worse off without them.

Anonymous said...

Who knew. Very interesting. Visiting and following from Friday Follow. So glad you joined us! Wishing you the best weekend evah!

~ Lynn

Anonymous said...

Following you back.