Friday, February 19, 2010

Can I make it 30 Days

Starting on the first of next month I'm going to try shopping once a month for groceries and it's not going to be easy.

Why you might ask well the truth is I have a tendency to pick up things I don't need when I shop even when armed with a shopping list. There always seems to be something ... OOPS I forgot to put that on the list I better pick it up or oh what a good deal. Of course the more frequently I go shopping the more of this stuff I pick up. I can go into the store with the plan to just purchase milk and end up with a basket of unplanned purchases. If I can trim the number of trips I make I can trim the number of unnecessary purchases and save money. It also gives me a chance to collect coupons for the things I use frequently.

I'm going to get the kids involved by letting them help me create the menu. Hopefully it will help my son the pickiest eater on the planet to eat dinner more often lol.


Anonymous said...

I shop once a month and have been doing the shopping like this for a couple years. It adds hours to my month. I make a dinner, lunch, breakfas ta nd snack list. Then I put the ingredients to all that in an excel spread sheet with the cost of the item. Once I'd done I can add more or take off some according to how much money is in the total. We also have two fridges and the frezzer space is needed. We eat fresh first then frozen. A family of four we spend $400 a month and we buy diapers with that amount too. Good luck thrfy moms! You can do it.

April said...

Thanks Anonymous :D