Friday, February 26, 2010

Be Careful What You Wish For

I love the snow and I"ve been complaining all winter "Where's the Snow Where's the Snow" Well we got hit again. It was so deep this morning that I had to jiggle the back door back and forth to get it open. I couldn't even get the front door open.

But I do love the snow. It makes everything look like magic. Its so quiet and peaceful even the trains rushing by is hushed. I was out shoveling snow early this morning and there was no about. The plows hadn't even come through. When I got tired I would just stand there and listen to the quiet. If i listened really hard I could hear a car passing a few roads away. But it seemed for that moment all the world was at peace.


Barry said...

We have a very limited amount of snow, but the accumulation is the most we've had this winter.

Not enough really to provide the magic you're experiencing.

April said...

Hi Barry

I wish you just enough snow before the winter is over to enjoy a nice long walk with Lindsey to enjoy the peace of a walk in the snow.