Sunday, February 5, 2012

Save Money Live Better

This is slogan of one of the biggest retailers in the country and well the saying is true... The more money you save the better you will live they really don't want you to save money.

Yes they can brag about their everyday low prices but what they really want is for you to spend spend spend.

I can practically guarantee that if you go into Wal-Mart you will come out having spending money on something you hadn't intended to buy!

That being said I'm not really here to slam Wal-Mart...Really I'm not!  If people chose to shop there that is their choice and Wal-Mart is doing what is best for them.

I'm actually more interested in their slogan..... Save money Live Better!

If we all lived by this motto would the country be in the dire straits they are in?

If we had been saving away for a rainy day would there be so many foreclosures even with the banks screwing everything up?

Any financial expert will tell you to save away at least 6 months of living expenses so that if an emergency hits you will be prepared and we don't.

Now if you've been one of the folks who have been with me for a while you know that I"m currently working part time and my whole paycheck is going straight into an untouchable savings account so we can buy a house aside from that we don't have anything saved for a rainy day.  This is foolishness on my part because if that sudden misfortune happens there goes the money saved up for our home.

Starting today I'm going to create our emergency nest egg.    My first goal will be $25,000 set aside for emergencies.  I am going to start simple with $100 a pay check which will give me $200 a month and by the end of the year $2400.  Not a big chunk out of the $25,000 but its a start.  I will also try adding any money I save from coupons plus all the money from our change jar.  Those will be flexible numbers but it will add up. 

Now to help me keep going I'm going to start a running tab and post how much I've saved up each month to hopefully encourage you to join me.  I really do believe that if we had been saving up as much as we could during the good times we wouldn't be in the sad state we are in now and NOW is as good a time as any to change how we do things!

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