Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nows as good a time as any

According to an article from Medical News Today a 30-year-old smoker can expect to live about 35 more years, whereas a 30-year-old nonsmoker can expect to live 53 more years. If you think those 18 years with your family and friends is more valuable then that cigarette you are about to puff down on then here are some links to free help!  I've included a quick link and the actual web address for each.

Smoke Free. gov

 Smoke Free Women

Quit Smoking All Together:

This one was created for Military members but has lots of useful tools for civilians too: Quit Tobacco: Make Everyone Proud

Office of the Surgeon General

American Heart Association

Center for Disease Control

American Cancer Society

American Lung Association

Free Plan at Become An Ex

1-800 quit now ( 784 7669) :A free, phone-based service with educational materials and coaches that can help you quit smoking or chewing tobacco.

Get a free Booklet Here

There is even a free App in iTunes

There is so much help out there even if you have to spend money in the end to get it done you'll be glad you did it.  Trust me when I say your family and friends want those extra years with you.

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