Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Quilting ... From Scraps to Cozy

 Last Thursday I had my first quilting class. The classes were a Christmas present from my Hubby.  I will hopefully be turning those lovely scraps you see into a cute little quilt.  I had started to learn how once before but the friend who was teaching me was also part of the military and had been stationed someplace else before we got very far.  Now I'm trying again it won't be a very large quilt but I'm hoping the colors and the chicken pattern will turn out nice.

I love the idea of turning little scraps of fabric we would normally throw away into something so useful.  When I finish it up I'll post a picture and you can tell me what you think.  If I can become proficient enough I can give them out as gifts and maybe even give one away here... OH the possibilities of a few scraps of cloth it just boggles the mind.  Of course I'll have to have some help since I've never been what you would call a fashion plate.... jeans and a shirt ... that about sums up my style.  I'm absolutely terrible at matching up colors and patterns and what not so I'll probably have to enlist the aid of the in-laws and my hubby to help with the mixing and matching, but that's what family is for right?

Wish me luck... Ok?

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