Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Final Results

Well I hit the store and $295 dollars later I have almost everything I need.

What am I missing?

One key ingredient for one of the meals my daughter picked. She asked for General Tso's Chicken but I couldn't find the little dried peppers for the recipe. I'm going to have to hunt down a speciality store to find them I think.

Alterity Button Jewelry From All Buttoned Up Left me a couple questions so I'm going to answer them here for everyone.

Her Question: What do you do when the milk spoils and the veggies get yucky? The answer:

First I looked for the milk with the longest experation date. I found some that is good until April 18th. We will have cereal at the beginning of the month and bagels muffins waffles pancakes and what every at the end of the month when the milk runs out. I have a box of powdered milk for any recipe that calls for milk. No one notices the difference in flavor when its all mixed together. Though personally I don't find anything wrong with the flavor of powdered milk but the hubby doesn't like it so I only use it for baking. This also helps save money since powdered milk is cheaper.

As for the veggies the plan is to eat the fresh fruits and veggies at the beginning of the month and switch to frozen and canned at the end of the month when the fresh runs out.

Since I"m waiting a month to go shopping again it gives me time to gather more coupons for the stuff I use regularly so hopefully I'll save more when I have to buy more on the next shopping trip. That will be important since for this trip I had plenty of items already in the house for the meals that we have planned.

I'm also going to place a running list on the fridge so everyone can write down things we run out of as we go along. This will help save time at the end of the month since I won't have to check everything to see what we need.


Barry said...

This is a very interesting experiment and I'm very impressed you have space for everything!

April said...

Thanks Barry it should definitely be interesting :D