Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Well this months 1 only shopping trip was a bust. My hubby decided to go on the Atkins diet and hit the store for a bunch of meat he could eat while the rest of us eat what I have planned. Well I figured not to count that since he is trying to lose weight. But he went again today because he decided he wanted more soda and came home with a trunk load of stuff. So much for planning

I'm not giving up though! I still have plenty of time till next month to plan so I will try again then.


Sherrie said...

I wish you well with that. It amazes me how much we spend on groceries. I do find that we do better when I plan the menus. However, I don't plan them for the month...maybe 2 weeks. Plus, we eat a lot of fresh stuff, so it's hard to just go once for that. :( I'm still watching though to see how you do it!

April said...

Thanks Sherrie. I am finding it easier to say no to ordering takeout now that I have a well stocked freezer and a menu to go with it :D