Saturday, October 25, 2008

Recycle Gift Cards

I was reading the newpaper a couple days ago about Earth Works Systems they recycle gift cards.

I had never though about those pvc cards that get thrown away after they've been used. According to their website:

"When these cards are replaced or reach their expiration dates, most of them are thrown in the trash, contributing more than 75 million pounds of PVC material to the waste stream every year."
WOW 75 million pounds! That is definately something to think about.
Well I didn't just think about it I tried to do something. I went shoping yesterday at Toys R Us for my kids Christmas gifts. I had about $50 in gift cards and as the check out gal was running them through she chucked them in the garbage. Having read this article I mentioned to her that they could be recycling those cards instead of throwing them away. At first she looked at me like I had three heads and said "Really?" Then I proceed to tell her about Earth works Systems. Well a couple of other workers there were listening in and one of the walked over to a manager and said "Hey did you know we could recycle gift cards?"
Well that's where I left them discussing recycling gift cards. I don't know if they will actually do anything but I put the idea out there and I'm going to keep doing that everytime I see someone use a gift card.
How about you? Want to help spread the word?


Mom said...

How cool. I'm going to have to steal this and make my very own post.

I usually let the kids play with them for a while before they get tossed...but this is such a great idea.

April said...

Hi mom long time no see :D Glad you liked it go ahead and steal it :D.