Thursday, October 9, 2008

How To Save on Your Electric Bill Part 1

I have a friend “W” who told me the other day about her electric bill. $1000.00 she about passed out. I found myself telling her ever tip I could think of to help her save on that pricy bill. When I was finished I started writing up this post for anyone else facing such extremely high bills and with winter heating bill on the way we all can use all the help we can get.

Let’s start with the heating bill which is a great way to save on your electric bill. (Gas or electric these tips will help). First check all your weather stripping and plug up all gaps around pipes, ducts, fans and vents that go through exterior walls; those little leaks will cost you big time as your furnace keeps kicking on to keep you warm. Replace your old thermostat with one with a timer. By setting the timer to keep the house cooler when you sleep and are not home you will save money. It will also warm up the house just before you wake up or get home to make sure it’s nice and warm. Try keeping the house a little cooler then usual just one or two degrees can save you about 10% on your bill. A sweater is a cheaper way of keeping you warm.

Next is your windows they are very nice to look out of but can chuck your heat right out the “window”. If you don’t have curtains get some they add a layer of insulation that helps keep the heat in. You don’t have to go our and buy some expensive drapes; blankets or sheets will work as well. If you’re worried about how is looks when you have guests over then use the sheets or blankets in rooms where guests aren’t likely to see and go ahead and get some nice ones for the rooms they will be in. You can also check your local hardware store for shrink wrap window covering. It’s like adding an extra window pane which also helps keep your heat in. Don’t forget to open the curtains on the southern facing windows on sunny days to let the sun help heat your house then close them when the sun no longer shines through them.

If you have a window air conditioner make sure you get a cover for it one that is insulated is best. They may keep you cool in the summer but they will also let the cold in which once again causes your furnace to kick to keep you warm. If there are rooms that you don’t use close their vents and close the door. There is no point in heating a room that you don’t use often.

Make sure you change out your air filters every month and to save more money get two that can be washed then when you change one to clean it you can put the other in.

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