Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Little Help from My Friends

Having friends is a great way to save money.

No No I'm not suggesting you leach off your friends, no begging needed. Just some sharing swapping and lending a hand.

This is not a one way street either you can help your friends save money too. Try some of these tricks to add a little money to your and your friends pockets.

1. Monday Coupon swap: Through the week save up any coupon for products you don't use. There are many sources for coupons not just the Sunday paper. The Sunday paper is the easiest place to find coupons though which is why I suggest the having your coupon get together on Monday. When you read through articles on how to use coupons to get the most savings one of the things they mention is when an item goes on sale use your coupon then. Well if you and lets say three friends get together you might get three more coupons for that product you want allowing you to buy the item in bulk which allows you to be able to wait until you get more coupons for that item and they go on sale again before you have to buy it. This works for your friends too, when they get a coupon from you for an item they use but you don't they can stock up too. It's also a great excuse for a get together over coffee. I suggest a different house each Monday. This way everyone gets a day off ( except the host de jour) to relax and chat without the hefty coffee shop prices.

2. Magazine Swapping: I love magazines, they offer articles in almost any subject you could want. Now it is cheaper to buy a subscription then to buy them from the supermarket rack. If each person in your group gets one subscription then you can swap your magazine for one of your friends when you have finished it. If you don't mind my suggestion Make one of your magazines Consumer Report's Shop Smart Magazine. This wonderful magazine is advertisement free and gives you information on every product you can think of. For Example in the not so hot category in the November magazine it talks about the Neosporin's Neo to Go first-aid-spray. Which promises to give infection protection anywhere anytime. But doesn't have any antibiotics in it.

3. Sitter Swapping: Let's face it we all need a night out and it costs enough for a dinner and a movie. Save some money by swapping babysitting with your friend. This works especially well if your friend has children close to the same age as your since its always better to have a friend over.

4. Swap Talents: Hey lets face it we each have our own talents. Maybe you can sew up a storm and your fr.iend can whip up cookies all night with out breaking a sweat (and who wants sweaty cookies ewww). By trading skills you and your friends can save time and money.

These are just a few suggestions get together with your friends and see what other ideas you can come up with. Feel free to come back and post your suggestions so others can share them :D

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