Thursday, May 1, 2008

what a sham: may 15, another boycott on buying gas...

this whole, not buying gas, thing doesn't work. eventually you buy the gas, whether its the day before or after, so you really aren't hurting anyone.

Make a real difference!:

*ride your bike more often

*plan your route so you make more right turns (left turns waste gas. UPS did this and have proven to save mega amounts of gas)

*stop buying petrol based products (like non-organics.) did you know that fertilizers are made w/ petroleum based switching over to organics will help reduce our dependence on oil.

* buy local produce. buying local obvisouly saves petrol because your kiwi isn't shipped from new zealand.

*buy alternative "plastics" made from vegetable cellulouse.

*take your own cotton bag(s) for all shopping. plastic bags are made from petroleum.

This list of wonderful things to do to help save gas was provided by organicgal Susanna Tocco at cafemom.

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listplanit said...

I love this list - and do I know about lists!! Great ideas. I didn't not know about the left turn. I will try that out. Thanks for sharing!