Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm Back Lets talk Humming Birds

Do you like to feed humming birds? Do you like watching them fly around at lightening speed?

Then STOP buy that nasty artifically colored food for them! You don't need it it's junk! If your feeder is red where the humming birds feed - that's all you need. There is no point in poisoning them with Artifical Colors in their food. It's bad enough when we do it to ourselves. These little birds need loads of nectar so what do you feed them if not store bought red crap. Try this easy recipe

Humming Bird Food
Heat 4 Cups of water. Desolve 1 cup of sugar in the hot water. Make sure it's completely desolved. Let cool completely and add to the feeder.
Got ant problems. try placing a barrier around your feeder. A moat of water or some sticky tape wrapped around the post (change frequently) should solve the problem.

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