Monday, April 8, 2013

Long Distance House Hunting

You have to love the modern age. Where else could you sit in one state and house shop in another with out ever leaving you house. Think of the time and money saved thanks to Realtor posting the houses they are selling online. We started out with 82 possibilities....

  82 possible house are for sale in our price range.  Put in what we are looking for 3 bedrooms or more and 2 bathrooms with our price range and ....  BAM  We just cut that list in half.  Now we check out all the pictures ... This is the tricky part ... They are only going to show the best possible pictures they can  but the pictures they chose to show can say alot.

For example there was one house listed as a 5 bedroom 3 bath and they had only 4 pictures of the front of the house , two of the kitchen and one bedroom.   IT"S A FIVE BEDROOM HOUSE ... what the heck is wrong with it that there are only 4 pictures and 2 of them are the kitchen???  Ok too many left to chose from drop that one off the list!

The you have the wonder of Google Maps you can literally scope out a neighborhood with out actually visiting it.  Check it out that one is right down the street from a hotel ...hummm 16 year old daughter + hotel during Spring Break = Dropped from the list!

We got the list down to 22 possible choices and during the kids Spring break they went to visit Grandma, Grandpa Aunts and Uncles while MOM drove down to Florida.  I stopped off in North Caroline and picked up my Dad for an expert opinion from someone who has been buying houses a heck of a lot longer then I have and off we went.

OUR poor Realtor  ...two days 22 houses plus 3 more the hubby saw online (he couldn't come on the trip he had to work).  I was able to knock off about 10 of them because the yards were too small.  There is no way those yards would work with too big dogs and 2 kids lol.

In the end we narrowed it down to 2 definites with 3 possible backups if the first two don't work out.

I'll let ya know how it goes from here!

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Sandee said...

House hunting is tough enough seeing them in person, but just pictures. That would be very taxing indeed. You'll get it done.

Have a fabulous day. ☺