Monday, April 22, 2013

Getting Ready For the Move

Being part of a Military Family means every so often you have to uproot the family and move to the next base.  This can be view to ways.... Ugh I'm moving to a new place  or ...  Woo Hoo I'm MOVING to a NEW place!

Your attitude about a big change like this can either help your kids with the move or make them feel worse about leaving the place they've grown to like and move to some place new.

Thanks to the internet it's a lot easier to get your kids excited about living in a new place.  The first thing we do when we find out where we are going is to check out the schools within commuting distance to find which will offer our kids the best opportunities.    With my son getting ready to enter Middle school and my Daughter in High School we can also look up and let them explore the classes offered at their soon to be new school.  The can also check out which clubs and after school activities are offered which will help them make new friends sooner.

Of course lets not forget our old friends ... Thanks to e-mail (I don't let my kids on facebook yet) and skype they can talk to their friend when ever they want.  My Daughter is still talking to friends from our time in Arkansas.

You can also check out things to do in the area your moving to.  My son has taken a liking to Lazer Tag and was concerned he wouldn't be able to play any more.... But a quick google search quickly calmed that fear.

Your children look to you (yes even when they don't seem to be) if you look at your move as an adventure ... a chance to explore a new place .... then your kids will too.  Don't get me wrong they are going to have their sad moments about leaving friends behind,  who doesn't?  You can make all the difference to how hard it will be on them just by having the right attitude!


Sandee said...

You are right April, attitude is key. You'll do just fine with your babies. I can tell.

Have a terrific day. :)

April Sargent said...

Thanks Sandee ... Yeah my babies do ok they are getting to be old pro's at this moving thing.. Some times I wish we would settle down but I really am a wanderer at heart. Thanks for stopping by :D