Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Penny Saved is Not Always a Penny Earned

Take for example the new purchase one of my co-workers made for work.  We needed new sponges and I had requested a certain type.  She came back with these...

She said I know these are not the ones you wanted but they were THREE FOR A DOLLAR!  So I couldn't pass them up!

Three days later....
The scrubbing part of the sponge is worn down and useless. 

The sponge (not real sponge and doesn't absorb and hold liquids) is already falling apart.

This is what is left of the type I requested.  This is after a year of use.  The sponge part has fallen away after tons of hard use but the scrubbing part still carries on the fight against grime.

You can get a two pack of these for a couple bucks more then what she paid for the three pack and will get much more use out of them.

When making a purchase for anything you need you need to keep in mind quality as well as cost and find the balance between the two.  Just because it's cheap doesn't mean you will get your moneys worth. 

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