Monday, June 18, 2012

Computer Overhaul

My Hubby has been disassembling and reassembling our computers.  Not one to throw things out ... we now have 4 computers up and running on two screens.  Over the years we have had a number of computers and they have been sitting in our basement. Over the last few weeks the Hubby has been taking out the useful parts and using them to upgrade other computers to help them run better. Each computer has a different use.

Our newest one (a never been used tower that was on clearance) will be used for financial  uses and will only be connected to the internet when needed.  The hope being this will help secure our cyber money info. 
The Second (this one) is for my blogging and the kids school work.

The third is for internet surffing only.  This will help keep our computers safe from hackers trojans and other malevolent attacks conducted daily against good people.

The last and the oldest computer is to be used for some of the older software the kids have that they still enjoy.  Stuff that is too old to use on the newer computers but still useable.

Reusing our older computers this way will hopefully save us money by helping to secure our private information and give longer live to games the kids like to play which will help us spend less money spent on entertainment.

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