Monday, December 5, 2011

Take a Step Back and Watch the World Go By....Then

This has got to be the most hectic, crazy and totally insane time of the year.  If you don't believe me then stop your shopping for one moment and watch the crowd go by.

People are so intent on themselves they push, shove, grumble about those who are moving slower, complain about long lines and utter rudeness rules the day.  Every year it seems to get worse you can see it in the head lines... Lady Pepper Sprays other shoppers, A robber shot a Black Friday shopper, a man was stabbed outside a Sacramento mall.

Try these ideas  for a change.

Slow down and smile at the next person you see.  REALLY mean it .. Put your whole heart into it.  Then do it again and again.  Watch as you see face after face smile back and a little of their grumpiness fades away.  

Start up a conversation with the person next to you while you wait in line.  Not a negative one about how horrible the wait is or how someone tried to grab a sweater you selected out of your hands.  Find something happy to chat about.  Did you see how beautiful they decorated the town tree this year?

Volunteer... Need I say more.  Well I will anyway.  One of the best ways to help you feel better and help others is to volunteer.  We human beings are social creatures and we are happiest when we are helping each other out.  Don't believe me?   Go ahead and try it then tell me how you feel. 

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chibichan said...

like this statement.. "Slow down and smile at the next person you see.." just thinking for myself in my life..