Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tip of The Day

Finding More Coupons

There are plenty of other places to find those money saving coupons your looking for and once you get the basics down then start taking a look.

The internet is a great place to start looking around. There are several websites that have printable coupons for grocerys. Now a lot of them have the exact same coupons and you can only print them out once or twice. Next check the website of your favorite foods many of them have coupons for their products. I like using the Newman's Own site. They have 3 or 4 coupons you can print out monthly. Another source is your favorite magazine. I don't use this one personally since I read the magazines at the library and the kind of frown on people cutting the up.

Some other options look for or start a local coupon trading co-op. Not everyone uses the same coupons and there is no point in throwing them out if someone else can use them. Check the inside of product packing before you recycle or throw them away some time the manufacture will print a coupon on the inside. Check your favorite grocery store web site sometimes they put up their own coupon which can be combine with your manufactures coupon.

The last to try is E-Bay. Now it is actually illegal to sell coupons but it is not illegal to sell your time so there are multiple listings for coupons there. It is a great way to get a bulk amount of coupons for products you need. Just remember to read the seller reviews, its the best way to tell the good sellers from the phonies.

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