Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm a happy gardener

I got the best deal over the Memorial day weekend. Buy one get one free on earth boxes.

I was thinking of making my own since normally these self watering boxes are about 60 bucks each. But I was browsing at the local nursery and saw a sign up for buy one get one free on all pots and planters.

The Earth Boxes weren't located near the sign but in another room so I wasn't sure they were part of the deal. I had to ask 6 people before I got an answer most of them didn't even know they were having that sale. Finally I found someone who said they were.

Of course when I got to the register they had to call back to find out since they didn't know about the sale either but I finally got out of the store with my planters. I think I should have grabbed two more so I could try my had at some new veggies but I my wallet said NO!

I'm using them for tomatoes, zucchini, and watermelon (I got one last year) but next year I think I"m going to give Corn a go. According to the directions you can grow 16 stocks in each one.

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