Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring is Bursting out all Over!

Spring is here and I've been as lazy as a hibernating bear.  I'm not only behind on my posting but I haven't even started my seedlings. 
I have however been spending my long winters rest learning more about gardening and have plenty to share. 

I'll start with my forgotton seedlings.  I've been trying for years to get a good batch of seedlings started but have met with skinny scraggly seedlings that don't produce well.  It turns out that when you start seeds indoors your supposed to have a light positioned a couple of inches away from the plants.  This is to keep the seedlings from "stretching" to reach the light.  This allows for a sturdier seedling.  I have an extra lamp with a hanger for our turtle I think I will repurpose it as a day lamp for my seedlings.  Since tomorrow is my day off it will be a good time to get started!

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