Thursday, January 14, 2010

A little Confession

I haven't been being the best cheapskate I can be.

I know I can save more money on grocery shopping then I have been. I don't check the sales ads and haven't been using my coupons. I really need to start because that is our biggest money pit. So I've decided to start today. Why today .... Well for starters today is when all the grocery ads come in the paper. I don't have any shopping to do but I can start taking a look to compare prices. That is one good thing about living in a well populated area ...... lots of stores to chose from. Next I need to start comparing whats on sale with what coupons I have. I only cut out coupons for stuff I actually use there is no point in cutting out the ones I don't.

I think I should ask at the library to see if I can start a coupon exchange box. That would let someone else use the coupons I don't need.

I also need to set a budget. I'm thinking of starting at $100 a week and once I accomplish that try to make it even lower. Anybody have any suggestions on how to save more money? What is your secret tip.... come on fess up


my2boyz said...

If I do not have a coupon for an item that I need I goggle to see if there is one i can print out! Look at at the online coupon sites I always print on our oops print paper's back! So I feel better about using all that paper and ink! Follow some of the "frugal bloggers" if are not already. if you go to my blog and look at my blog roll you will be able to figure out who fits that catagory!
GOOD LUCK! I have gotten to the point that if I do not have a coupon for it I do not buy it unless it is something I really need at the moment, like last week when we needed toilet paper! :)

Jenny said...

Hi. Just going through some old comments and thought I'd stop by to say howdy. Hope to see you again. :D

April said...

Thanks for the suggestion my2boys I'll stop by and see what frugal blogs you have :D

April said...

Hi Jenny yes I"ll definately be stopping by just got a little distracted by work and hitting the gym ;D