Monday, November 16, 2009

I Joined a Gym Last Week

You may not think that it is a very cheapskate thing to do but for me it is. Let me explain!

I have unfortunately let myself get terrible out of shape. Sometimes motivation to get moving is hard to come by. Don't get me wrong I don't just sit on my butt all day long. I walk the kids to and from school every day unless there is lighting. I work part time 5 days a week. But its not enough to shave the pounds off. I need more. So I've joined Lucille Roberts which is an all woman's gym and at 20 dollars a month not a bad investment in myself.

What do I get for my 20 bucks? I get access to different types of aerobic activities including machines and classes and a large assortment of weight machines. The likes of which I can neither afford or find a place for in my over cluttered home.

I will also save a fortune in clothes since regular sizes cost an average of $10 bucks cheaper then Plus sizes.

Then their are the savings from being healthier. I will be less likely to have a whole assortment of diseases just by losing weight. So that equals fewer medical bills and cheaper insurance.

Plus a major motivational factor is my hubby sitting there going "Your spending 20 bucks a month you better get your moneys worth and go work out!" So wish me luck and I"ll keep you posted. I have also set some goals for myself and I'm going to share them with you so you can help keep me honest. I will post on Mondays and keep you up to date. My Long term goal: I weigh (don't look if you have a weak stomach LOL) 250 lbs Yeah ITs gotten that bad. I hope to lose 100lbs total. My short term goal is to lose 2 dress sizes by Christmas. For a little extra incentive I've joined their promotional program they are running right now. If I lose the most weight then I get the year for free. Talk about a cheapskate incentive LOL.


Jessie said...

I wish you strength to workout!

I've never heard of the Lucille Roberts gym. Sounds better than Curves, and $20 is a great price for a gym membership!

My husband gets a great discount for both of us through his work, but I haven't gone in a year. Talk about a waste of money! Perhaps I'll go back to the gym this year....New Year's resolutions and all.


Barry said...

I'm not quite up to joining a gym but I have joined a Tai Chi Club for the new year.

That's about as strenuous as I feel able to get at the moment.

But that cost $37 plus a $17 membership. So, you're ahead of me.

Anonymous said...
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