Sunday, December 28, 2008

Layers Layers Layers

Well I broke down and did it. SHAME SHAME on me!

I drove the kids to school on the Thursday before Christmas! I had to it was FREEZING! Actually I drove my son to school I walked my daughter. She had to be at school first and my hubby was working at home that day so instead of taking my son and waiting in the cold I left him home with Mark and planned to come back and walk my son. That way he could stay where it was warm until it was time for school. By the time I got home from walking my daughter I was so cold it hurt. There was no way I was walking Billy in that, Samantha had on tights under her pants so she stayed pretty warm. But I don’t have anything for Billy to wear as a second layer to keep his legs warm and since I wasn’t wearing a second layer I knew he would be miserable. So, yes I warmed up the car and took him to school.

When it gets closer to New Years we are going to go out and get him some long johns. We are waiting until after Christmas because you would not believe the way some of the people drive around here. It’s a major nightmare at the mall there was actually some idiots driving over the curb to cut into the line of traffic. If they had just joined the line we all would have gotten home sooner but because they stopped traffic while they forced their way into the line it stopped traffic completely! There is no way I’m going to drive around with people like that on the roads in MASS numbers.

Now for a tip for all you facing that bitter windy cold. Layers are very important and not just for the top half. Billy was wearing a shirt, a hooded sweater, a hat and a coat. But only one layer on his legs, which is the same thing I had when I walked Sam to school. When that wind chill kicks up you need that extra layer on your legs to keep the cold out and the body heat in.

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