Sunday, April 6, 2008

Encouraging Wildlife in Your Garden

* Plant plenty of native species and/or plants which thrive easily in your climate.

* Plant plenty of bushes, shrubs and trees which bear berries or other fruits for the birds. Rosehips are useful to the birds and colourful too!

* Plant herbs and flowers which insects such as bees and hoverflies love. Open pollinators are best.

* Feed the birds. You can also help with nesting sites. A pile of old logs in a corner can provide a great habitat for birds and insects.

* Use non-toxic products in your garden for all the jobs in your garden where products are needed.

* Don’t use herbicides and pesticides – they usually kill more than you bargain for, and some leave toxic residues. Practise organic gardening!

* If you have the space, put in a wildlife pond.

* Use companion plants in your vegetable plot if you have one. They are one of organic gardening's secret weapons!

* Choose plants which are well adapted to your garden's soil and situation and therefore do not need lots of fertilisers or extra watering to survive.

* Plant wildflowers and meadow flowers if you have room.

* Use mixed grasses or herbs such as chamomile for your lawn.

* Keep a compost heap - or better, two! A good compost to fertilise the soil and recycle waste is an organic gardening essential.

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