Monday, October 20, 2014

No More Magic at Disney World!

Hello all,  I have been studying for the Florida State teachers Exam.  I was suppose to take it last Tuesday but a storm came through the night before and when I went to the exam site all their computers were down.  I am now taking it Thursday so wish me luck.

You might be wondering about my title....We we went to Disney World this summer.  Where before it had always been a fun filled trip this time was a total different story.

Lets start with the Magic Hour... that wonderful extra hour you get when you stay in one of the Disney resort hotels.  Well forget it... it is no longer worth the fantastic fortune you will spend to stay on site.  They have built up the resorts so much and are adding more that you will wait in just as long a line as those who stay off resort.  We went to check out the new Seven Dwarf Mine Train (a big disappointment in itself) using the early morning hour.  First you are herded like cattle with so much pushing and shoving that you would be best to avoid taking younger children during this time.  We finally got to the ride and lucked out with only a 5 minute wait.  I say lucked out because by the time we got off the ride the line was already up to 80 minutes... this is during the early hour where before we never had to wait more then 5 minutes for any ride.

The new Seven Dwarf Mine Train was a terrible disappointment.  The cannibalized the orignial Snow White ride, which they shut down for being "too Scary"... I am sorry but if it was not too scary to allow your child to watch Snow White then this ride is not too Scary.  If your child was frightened by the Snow White movie then what the hell are you doing on the ride.  Anyway... They took the mine and the part where they were dancing in the cottage and put it on a mild rollercoster.  I don't mind the mild rollercoster ...I think it is great there are roller coaster for young children to enjoy... but this was more Six Flags then Disney Magic.  Folks if you are going to Disney and want to try this ride if the line is longer then 10 minutes dont waste your time!!!

Next they are destroying Epcot...I always loved Epcot the only thing I ever wanted to change was for them to add more culturally significant displays...I mean Japan is all stores and they have a hell of a history!  What are they doing ... they are taking one of the FEW culturally significant areas of Epcot and filling it with stuff that belongs in the Magic Kingdom.  I am of course talking about Norway.. First they took Stave Church which had an exhibit on Norway culture and filled it with Frozen stuff.  Next they are destroying the Maelstrom which is a flume type ride which riders "seek the spirit of Norway" and are making it into another Frozen Attraction.  There is plenty of room they could have built on a new area of the Magic Kingdom to house Frozen in all its glory which would alleviate the over crowding caused by supersizing their resorts but instead they chose to go the cheap route and mess up one of the few areas of Epcot that allows you to experience part of another countries culture.

My last bit of disillusionment came when I got home... I do not usually buy souvenirs when we go on vacation because I am trying to un-clutter my life and photos are a better souvenir that does not take up much space.  This was the exception..

Isn't it adorable. It is call Micky's Mini Garden It was grown from one of the the cells of the Dragon Fruit plants they have in their green houses.  It is suppose to be a sterile environment which you let it grow until it starts to get too big for its jar.  Then you transplant it.  Well stuff started growing in the Gel.  I tried contacting Disney Customer service to find out what I should do but never heard back from them.  

When "stuff" had almost covered the entire gel I decided to take it out and plant it.  This is what it looked like when I took the Dragon Fruit out of it.... Pretty sterile huh!

Here is my little Dragon Fruit I hope what ever that was growing in its "sterile" environment was not hazardous to my health and I hope it stays alive.  It is so tiny I had to use tweezers to get it out of the jar I hope I didn't damage it. 


Sandee said...

Good luck on your test this week. You'll ace it for sure.

What a shame about Disney World. Way too bad.

Have a fabulous day and week. ☺

April Sargent said...

Hello Sandee, Thanks I hope I studied enough.

We use to talk about retiring and getting jobs at Disney cause then we could be there all the time... but I don't really want to anymore :(